Thursday, March 15, 2012

The 7582

As a little birthday present to myself Birthday I am drinking the last of the 96 either 7582 or 7592 from Taiwan. I am gonna go out on a limb and assume that this is the 7582. A tea that I remeber being very stoked with the last two times I got to try it. This tea at least the 06 version is a blend of moacha from Yi Wu and Bada, two locations that I am quite fond of. After my first time tasting the 96 version of this tea I ran out (went online) and bought a cake of the 2006 in hopes of recreating this tea with time. I can find some similarities between the two if I look hard enough. The 7582 is a fairly unknown recipe in relation two it’s shinning siblings the 7542 and 7532 and its always loved cousin the 8582. Why is the 7582 so unknown? I think that they rarely make this blend the 2006 the only modern production of this blend that I have heard of. While not having seen a whole cake of the older version the younger version reviewed here is a pretty scruffy looking cake. With broken leaf shedding off its circumference like dandruff from high school lunch ladies hairnet.The compression is much tighter than your average menghai recipe. The cake is also chock full of yellow leaves and overall has a generally dusty look to it. This might explain its unpopularity. But given all that in the cup I can see where given enough time, heat, and humidity it could turn in to the delicious tea of its forefathers.

The aged sample that I have of this tea has seen a generous amount of humidity in its time. I guess could see how some may think that this tea tastes a little basement like. To me I feel this tea if very floral for leaf of this age and maturity. The cup having an orchid aroma with a touch of camphor. The first infusions start out tasting almost exclusively of orchid after several infusions the camphor begins to dominate. The huigan is quite mentholated cooling my mouth with every breath, while the qi seems to warm my body. During later infusions the flavor moves to an herbal medicinal taste. In short this tea is to me quite special. I wish I could acquire a cake at a reasonable price sunsing wants an arm and part of a leg for their 97 version, especially knowing the relatively cheap price that was paid for the cake that this sample comes from. Unless I can make it to Taiwan soon, or some one perhaps traveling to Asia or living in Hong Kong or whose uncles sister in-laws cousin owns a tea house in Taipei would be willing to ship me one for a reasonable price. I will have to wait fifteen or twenty years for my 06 drinkable. But it was a truly a treat to get to try this excellent tea before that Thanks Ge-off-re.


  1. I'm happy to see your a lover of both the leafs. Aged pu'er and Cigars are a match made in heaven, how did this pairing work out for you? I'm preferential to aged shu when smoking, but an oolong or sheng is always great.
    Very nice tasting notes as well!


  2. Hi Patrick,
    I will only smoke a cigar with darker teas. It an aged light aged oolong or dry stored sheng I find that you will end up overpowering the tea with the cigar.

    Also It just came to my attention yestertday that there was a miscomunication and this tea is an 8582. This is very interesting. This tea was similar to the HK stored 98 8582 that I also recieved in this batch of samples. I found this tea to be more nuanced but a little less mellow and thick. I have a sample on the way from SunSing of there 97 7582 so it will be interesting to compare. It always amazes me the effect different storage conditions will have on a tea.