Sunday, February 26, 2012

1994 Zheng-cong Mu-zha Tie Guan Yin

I am really quite new to aged oolong and I am just starting to get a feel for it. I have found a few that are really enjoyable .Teas that time has helped craft into a more perfect product, adding depth of flavor mellowness increased durability and Cha Qi. There have also been a number of examples I found that where expensive yet seemed to not have aged noticably or teas that through excessive humidity have gotten musty. While mustiness (to some) can be enjoyable in an aged pu-erh it is not as appealing in an oolong.
Today I’m trying a 1994 Mu-Zha TGY from Houde. I prepare 7 grams of leaf for a 115ml yixing. I am not very confident in my brewing technique when it comes to aged oolong but this tea seems forgiving. I give about a fifteen second first infusion. I have given up on rinsing aged oolong. I feel that too much flavor is wasted. Unlike pu-erh the first couple infusions with an aged oolong I have found to be the best.

The wood roast is noticeable still in the first infusion along with a little of that sticky ripe stone fruit flavor that aged oolongs get Mmmm. I am not a big fan of young TGY but the flavor they take on in their age is definitely a treat. The second infusion I got called away and thought over steeped the tea giving it almost a minute. The result of this was a better cup of tea. Brown sugar and honey aroma. The mouth feel is very smooth if a little drying. But there is no sourness that tends to be present in some of these teas. As the cup cools notes of vanilla come to the surface.
   The wet leaves have a nice conifer fragrance possibly a side effect of the wood roasting the leaves appear to be well cared for. The roast id well balanced accentuating the flavor of the tea not over powering it .Although it could have been a little stronger and still been tasty but this could just be my addiction to roasted tea talking.                                              
Unfortunately this tea has just sold out from Houde. But I have a feeling this tea will be showing up there again.


  1. GN?,

    Now THAT is a teacup!


  2. I could stare at tea clouds like that all day


  3. Cleaning out my tea closet I came across a small bag of this gifted to me by Bev(Listing to Leaves). Gotta say all I can taste is the charcoal roast. But its interesting drinking a tea as old as my vehicle.